Who We Are

Welcome.  Southern California Investment Association - SCIA National Small Cap Syndicate, founded in 2000 is a comprehensive organization developed to facilitate exposure for select companies.  We invite you to benefit from our expansive national alliance of hundreds of influential firms plus associates including broker/ dealers, investment and merchant bankers, investment advisors, analysts, financial service managers, capital formation service providers, fund managers, institutions, media and accredited investors.  

The members and associates provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to, equity and debt financing, institutional and retail stock support, market making, and mergers and acquisitions.  The association provides education and is a valuable forum for networking.  Good companies desiring exposure are encouraged to register to present.

Southern California Investment Association's goal is to build exposure and support for quality companies by providing a corporate financial conference every other month for companies to exhibit and gain wide exposure to industry and accredited investors. SCIA's investment conferences showcase cutting-edge national and international companies.  Companies seeking exposure, market support and awareness are encouraged to register early for a presentation date and time. SCIA's forum is very successful in stimulating opportunity and success. The SCIA syndicate has been instrumental in funding over $100 million per year since 2000 and has introduced many of the good companies available in the markets.

How It Works

Southern California Investment Association highlights about twelve to fifteen outstanding companies at its capital conferences.  Companies are promoted to our members and associates and in national wire press releases before and after the conference.  Their presentations are digitally produced and streamed on our website for two months. SCIA believes our forum is the best exposure and value offered to companies with investment opportunities today. The fee to present is a good value and the conference is attended by approximately 100 professionals and investors.


The SCIA syndicate can be a great opportunity for your company.  Attendees arrive early for the 7:15 a.m. management reception and networking breakfast.  Companies present to the entire ballroom in three groups before 1 p.m., including scheduled breaks to meet individually with management at their displays.  The conference concludes with a networking cocktail reception, hosted by presenting companies, banquet luncheon and featured speaker by 2 p.m. 

Get Started

Information and secure registration are online for prospective presenting companies and for you to pre-register to attend at a discount. The fee is slightly higher at the door. You may apply or renew membership online or inquire about sponsorship for your firm.  We welcome the opportunity to support your business. Join us.